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Group Training

Available to all 3rd-9th graders


JET Prep

Available to all 3rd, 4th & 5th graders





What sets JET apart from others can be summed up within our three core values for training and teaching – Excellence, Execution and Enthusiasm.

Excellence is required in order to reach the next level of success, regardless of where your skill level is today. An athlete must first be committed to hard work, focused energy and understand they will always be improving their game and never will they arrive. The pursuit of excellence starts with having a great attitude and is stressed in all of JET’s skills training classes and camps.

Execution is what separates average athletes from great athletes. Any championship is won because of this most fundamental aspect competition. In order for an athlete to execute properly they must first learn the proper skills and habits associated with consistent performance. JET works with each athlete independently to insure they grasp each skill before moving to the next skill set. Then, we stress the importance of practice, practice and more practice.

Enthusiasm enhances any environment, especially sports. JET works with athletes to help them understand how developing a spirit of enthusiasm will help them individually as well as enriching their team experience. JET can take young athletes who may be reserved and quite by nature and help them breakout and learn to contribute a stronger spirit of enthusiasm.


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