As many of you have seen during the tournaments, I have my nieces and other young kids working in the concession. Throughout the season, so many of our little sisters and brothers have asked if they could work at some point and I actually took a few up on their offer. I was nervous at first because I wasn't sure how well they would do in dealing with the registers and some "not so nice" customers. After a trial run, I decided to start a little apprentice program for young kids who want to learn about business and what it takes to bring things together.

It would be a volunteer program that would not demand any costs to those interested. I will hold some on site training programs along with a little bit of classroom time to help establish understanding of business. I love that kids want to work and thought it would be great to show them the ins and outs of how things run at Netplex. They will learn how to run registers, count money, take inventory, set up nets, organize.....along with the not so fun parts like taking out the trash and cleaning up messes around the facility. It is important they know that hard work doesn't always mean the fun stuff.

I am very excited about this and want kids who TRULY want to be a part! Contact Jess