Headed to Nationals! 


This past weekend (May 5-6, 2018) we sent 7 teams to the Regional tournament in Albuquerque, NM.  This is the tournament where teams attempt to get a bid to the National tournament that is hosted in Detroit, Michigan this year.  To have a team or teams qualify is a big deal for a club.  Well, I am happy to report that 4 of our teams earned their bid this weekend.  It was a very successful day filled with a variety of emotions.  To be able to qualify more than 1 team in one weekend is a challenge but JET Volleyball Club managed to get the job done. 

Since 2009 we have had 3 teams go to Nationals....the first team was our JET 12 Bullard (now Lewis) in 2009, JET 15 Valdez in 2014, JET 15 Silva in 2017 and now 4 teams in 2018.  It was a special day and each for us and as a director I could not be more proud.

As I mentioned months ago about our success in Denver, it has translated even more to this next phase.  Our club had teams qualify simply because they have worked their asses off!  These are not teams that are "tryout teams" remember.  These are teams that were developed from day one and have stuck to the plan and mission that me and my coaches have designed.  For years people have debated and argued with me by saying  "You will not be successful unless you have tryouts and have the best of each age division on each team".  Well, I have always believed in hard work and that you can create something more authentic if you put in the time, energy, effort and heart.  Here we are, our 4 teams did just it!  These teams have worked, trained and played together at THIS club for years now and are able to see their hard work pay off.  We were the ONLY club in Amarillo and in the Region to have this many teams qualify.  This is a great thing for your club! 

We are so dang proud of our teams and coaches and see so much potential for our club in the years to come.  I hope all of you will stay focused and loyal to our program because I promise we know what we are doing!
We are looking for sponsors to assist us in making it to Detroit July 25-July 4! Donate $250 and and we will make a "warm up" t-shirt for the players to wear and a "support" tshirt for the coaches, parents, and fans!
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