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Amarillo Netplex

JET Volleyball is excited about Amarillo Netplex!

About Amarillo Netplex

The Project

Amarillo Netplex and Rotary Park will be a state-of-the-art sports facility with multiple volleyball and basketball courts and baseball fields for games, tournaments, practices and camps. The Amarillo Netplex sports facility is located at 4101 S. Hillside and managed by Jess Evers, JET Volleyball director, and Johnna Pointer, Hoop 10 Basketball director. Local administrator for Little League is Lanny Lovejoy. The facility will be available for a wide array of events throughout the year.

Crowdfunding Campaign

The Spirit Campaign for Young Athletes - Amarillo Netplex needs your help!  Amarillo has a critical shortage of sports facilities where children can practice and play.  Amarillo Netplex will give more children a chance to be involved in wholesome sports and will be a quality faciility that will make all of us proud.  It will also be used for tournaments, which will attract people from outside of Amarillo who will come to spend money and enjoy our city!

To get Amarillo Netplex ready for Amarillo it needs your help!  Until October 29, 2015 - Amarillo Netplex has launched The Spirit Campaign for Young Athletes - a crowdfunding campaign to help ready the facilities.  

Be apart of Amarillo Netplex!  

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